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What Works For Me? (WWFM)

Find the principals that empower you to develop.

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What Works For Me?

WWFM?  Is it a radio station?  Maybe a trendy acronym to wear on bracelets or t-shirts? In this case, it's neither.  It's simply a question I find useful in my personal life and especially with clients:  what works for me? There are so many fads in wellness today.  I like variety, and I don't think there's one path for every person.  There are a few principles, but many methods.  My goal is to help you understand those principles and then empower you to develop the methods you enjoy. So ask yourself, "what works for me?"  If you're not sure, that's where I come in.  A good wellness coach can help you intelligently explore options that ultimately help you find the right path for you - the path to a better you!


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